Performer of the Season Award

Performer of the Season Award

The Butler County High School Sports Report recognizes the area's top performer from each of the three sports seasons during the athletic school year. The winner of the fall, winter and spring sports seasons will be presented with a personalized award.

The criteria for student-athletes to qualify for the award are based on the following:

  • BCHSSReport's fan of the week poll results collectively throughout the respective seasons.
  • Athletic achievements obtained during the season.
  • BCHSSReport's fan nominee submissions (One submission per person). Submissions can be emailed to
  • Academic achievements will also be taken into consideration.

The staff will review the aforementioned criteria and ultimately make the decision through a voting process.

We thank you for your continued readership!

- The BCHSS Report Staff

Past Award Winners

Conant Smith

Conant smith


Sean Mondello



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