MEET OUR TEAM: Theopolis Caldwell

Theopolis K. Caldwell

Hometown: Chicago, IL 

High School: Proviso West High School (Hillside, IL) 

College: Central State University 

Profession: Student Life Coach 

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite College Team: Illinois 

Favorite Pro Team: Chicago Bears (Right now it pains me to say that) 

Favorite High School Conference: I don’t have one to be fair. 

Tell us a little about yourself: My wife To’Nia and I have been married for 8 years. We have three kids (Tyrone 14, Theopolis Jr. 6, and Maximus 1). I am on my church’s media ministry team. 

What do you like most about covering high school sports? I’ve always loved the fact you see these athletes and coaches give their all no matter what. A team could be down by a significant margin and see the athletes and coaches keep fighting. That has always been great to see despite the adversity — like they are out there competing like it’s their last game. 

What life motto/phrase do you stand by? Live, Laugh, Love 

Favorite movie: Coming to America (The first one) 

Favorite music artist: Common

Favorite food: Burgers 

What is one thing that you are really good at? I am great at trivia games, especially sports and music trivia. 

What is your go-to karaoke song? If I had one it would be Luthor Vandross “Never Too Much” 

How does a perfect weekend look like for you? Doing nothing but hanging out with my wife and sometimes my kids if they’re not at their grandparents’ house

What’s your favorite movie genre? I LOVE ACTION FILMS!

What game are you really good at? I wanna say Monopoly 

What’s your biggest time waster? Being on my phone searching through social media 

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? Europe

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