MEET OUR TEAM: Joel Sackenheim

Joel Sackenheim

Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio

Where did you graduate from high school? Badin

Profession: Truck Driver

Favorite Sport: To watch on TV, Football…To coach, Basketball…To watch in the stadium, Baseball…To referee, Soccer…To play, Tennis

Favorite College Team: University of North Florida Lady Ospreys Basketball (my star player I used to coach as a grade schooler plays for them)

Favorite Pro Team: Carolina Panthers

Favorite High School Conference: GCL

Tell us a little about yourself: I have been a history teacher, musician, coach, referee, trucker, author, and TV/Radio personality.  I do a little bit of everything

What do you like most about covering high school sports? Educating people and making them smarter fans.  This is particularly true with the high school football playoff points

What life motto/phrase do you stand by?  “I have given you a model to follow, so that as I have done for you, you also should do.”  ~~ John 13:15

Favorite movie:  Ben-Hur (the 1959 Charleton Heston classic, not the crummy 2016 CGI-filled remake)

Favorite music artist: Beatles, John Denver

Favorite food: Grandma Sack’s butter Christmas cookies

What is one thing that you are really good at?  Playing the piano

What is your go-to karaoke song? “Dream On” by Aerosmith

How does a perfect weekend look like for you?  People coming over to the house to watch football or play board games

What’s your favorite movie genre? Historical & Comedy

What game are you really good at? Clue

What’s your biggest time waster? Listening to an MLB radio broadcast while driving down the highway in my semitruck

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? 17,766 miles on a 7-week road trip during the summer of 2015, in which I saw a home baseball game at each of the 30 MLB stadiums

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