Text this! Madison football beats heat with surprise trip to local waterpark

The Madison High football team took a surprise splash at Land of Illusion on Tuesday. PROVIDED PHOTO

MADISON TWP. — Madison High football coach Ricky Davis secretly had it planned for a month.

And with 90-plus degree temperatures consistently hanging around, the first-year mentor felt it was the right time to call a play-action pass.

“The Land of Illusion Adventure Park called me up a while back to see if the boys would want to come out for a day,” Davis said. “They wanted us to come out free of charge in support of Madison football.”

Davis had his players reeled in during a morning workout chat in the locker room before making the refreshing announcement. 

“I acted like I was mad at them, like they were in trouble,” Davis said. “I wanted to come up with the perfect time after a meeting when I was already mad to tell them what we were doing.”

Davis also got Mohawks freshman Bryce Fisher in on the deflection. The coach gave Fisher an old phone he had stashed away. Fisher acted like he was texting on it during the team locker room talk.

That’s when Davis snatched the phone away and said, “I’m sick of this.”

He tossed the phone on the ground, stormed into his office to grab a hammer he brought in and began to smash away on it.

“Text this!” Davis yelled to his players.

The Mohawks sat in silence as Davis acted disgruntled.

“Guys, get on the bus,” Davis said after a long pause. “We’re going to the Land of Illusion waterpark.”

The stunned Mohawks erupted in excitement before heading out for a dip on a day the heat index topped out at 100 degrees.

Davis said the entire day was geared toward relaying a message to his players.

“Yeah, the whole thing was funny before and it caught them off guard,” Davis said. “But the thing I wanted my kids to know is that I wanted to reward them for working their tails off. They’re really working hard and they’re focused. 

“When we step into practice, they give it everything they have,” Davis added. “I want these kids to know that football is fun and shouldn’t be a nuisance. I want them to want to come to practice and work hard. Today, they got a small reminder that football can be fun.”

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